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Sabtu, 20 Maret 2010

iPhone 3GS Portable Geniu

iPhone 3GS Portable Genius - Ebook Tutorial

Paul McFedries “iPhone 3GS Portable Genius: Also covers iPhone 3G”
July 2009 | English | ISBN-13: 978-0-470-52422-0 | 323 Pages | PDF | 15.6 MB

The Genius is in.

You don’t have to be a genius to use the iPhone 3G or the new iPhone 3G S. But if you want to get the very most out of them, put this savvy Portable Genius guide to work. Want to download the hottest new apps from the App Store? Record videos and voice memos? Send photos, videos, maps, and more via MMS? Control calls and tunes by voice? You’ll find cool and usefulGenius tips, full-color screenshots, and pages of shortcuts and tools that will save you loads of time and let you enjoy your iPhone to the max.

Paul McFedries is a Mac expert and full-time technical writer. Paul has been authoring computer books since 1991 and he has more than 60 books to his credit. These books include MacsPortable Genius, Switching to a Mac Portable Genius, and Teach Yourself VISUALLY Macs. Paul encourages all readers to drop by his Web site at

Portable GENIUS

Fun, hip, and straightforward, the new Portable Genius series gives forward-thinking Apple users useful information in handy, compact books that are easy to navigate and don’t skimp on the essentials. Collect the whole series and make the most of your Apple digital lifestyle.


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