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Sabtu, 26 Desember 2009

My Kung Fu Sweetheart / Ye maan bei kup -2006

Weaned on tales of Kung Fu Masters and villainous fighters, young Phoebe, never expected her parents to be members of the legendary Kung Fu Academy, located on Cloud Mountain. The startling revelation occurred on the night an assassination attempt was made on her life. Determined to be like her parents, she enrolls in the Academy. She graduates several years later, and assumes a life of normalcy with a corporate job at Lams Corporation. Here, she befriends Dragon. At a meeting with Lams Corporations business rivals, a massacre occurs. The business rivals turn out to be the villianous traitor of the Academy, Mr White (aka White Eyebrows) and his henchmen. Dragon escapes severely hurt. Phoebe takes him to the Academy for treatment. The Academys 18 Golden Warriors heals him, and imparts martial skills to him. Together with Phoebe, and her parents, they defeat White Eyebrows with their newly acquired skills, True Love Kung Fu.

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